Trends, Forecasts & Consumption Studies
on targeted markets or groups

Our trend studies, always tailor-made, allow you to cross your products with their consumers within a period of 24 to 36 months (H+F Fashion, Beauty, Lingerie, Decoration, Sport, Footwear, Sales Areas, Watches, Optics…, etc.)

This Cartesian decoding of trends and influences brought back to your products and the season concerned will give you the Orientations and guiding themes of your collections or products, the must have, the shapes, aspects, touches, materials, smells, colours,…, and their possible evolutions

The identification of global and multifocal trends is established in an analogous way. The purpose is to detect, select and prioritize promising trends. The research is not limited to the textile segment, but also focuses on movements – activities of daily life.

This “global polaroid” covers territories such as: fashions, lifestyles, cinema, car/motorcy, arts & performance, home, music – night clubbing, literature, religions, new technologies, competition.

After series and Analysis, a synthesis allows the highlighting of the essential trends for each season and their application to the issue of the conjunction Product / Customer at a future time (seasons) – specific to each project, brand, company.

This basis for creative thinking is formalised by a reference document and is the subject, after its presentation, of Workshops with our clients’ operational teams.


Applied Trends :

The trend applied is the translation of the global trend for :

Artistic Direction with the coaching of our clients’ creative teams for the creation of their collections, capsules, integrating the issues of production, commerce, temporality.

Managerial follow-up of the teams throughout the process. Creation of a coherent Story Telling for the Product, Marketing, Sales and Merchandising teams.

This service is performed almost systematically for our customers.

This part is the implementation of the consumption trend and defines the orientations and formatting of the directive concepts for Design or Style.


Design and Styling :

Women’s and Men’s Fashion, Beauty, Lingerie, Decoration, Sport, Shoes, Watches, Optics, Decoration. Based on our Clients’ brief and the Concepts or Style Directions we propose :

Collection plan and definition of each product or group of products.

Design of each model and all its elements.

Definition and choice of materials

Graphical developments.

Definition of aspects and finishes,

Technical data sheets necessary for the production of the first prototypes.

Follow-up to prototypes.

Packaging and communication documents.

Arguments and commercial documents.


Merchandising, point of sale design, trend forums.

Design and production of packaging and POS for textiles and cosmetics.

Arrangement of exhibition stands, shop in shops, corners and stores.

Graphic charter and brand expression charter.

Packaging design and creation of new concepts

Graphic design.

Graphical developments.

3D visualization.

Industrial data sheets & manufacturing sourcing.